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Breakfast Frittata

A perfect weekend breakfast or brunch, cooked in one pan and ready in 15 minutes! However empty my fridge maybe (which if I’m honest isn’t often) I can always find enough ingredients to make a frittata. Frittatas can be made with all sorts of vegetables and different cheeses. One of my favourites is pea, herbs, shallot and parmesan. In my breakfast Frittata I haven’t included cheese but you could add it with the eggs if you like. ⠀

INGREDIENTS 8 eggs mixed (seasoned)⠀ 5 strips of bacon chopped ⠀ 5 Mushrooms sliced ⠀ 10 cherry tomatoes on the vine ⠀ 1 onion finely chopped ⠀ 1 tablespoon chopped herbs (optional)⠀ Salt and pepper ⠀


Start by sautéing the onion until soft, then add the bacon and mushrooms. When cooked, add the egg mixture. Stir as if you where making an omelette until rippled but still wet. Place the tomatoes on top and push in gently. Transfer to snd oven of 210 degrees for 7-10 minutes or until set.⠀

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