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Sausage Rolls


sheet of ready rolled puff pastry⠀

450g sausage meat ⠀

2 dessert spoons onion chutney ⠀

1 egg beaten ⠀


Pre-heat the oven 200 degrees. ⠀

Open up the pastry into the landscape position. Halve the sausage meat and spread one half in a line across, 5 cm from the top and the other half 5 cm from the bottom. Add the chutney along the line evenly. With a sharp knife, cut the pastry in half from left to right. Now roll the pastry into 2 long rolls and seal with your fingers. Turn over so the smooth side is facing up. Cut into individual sausage rolls, with a slit in each one. Brush with egg wash and bake in the oven for 25 mins or until golden. ⠀

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