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Passion Fruit, Ginger & Cucumber Sling

This weekend is set to be a scorcher so how about making a jug (or two!) of this fabulous cocktail. I love the flavour of passionfruit and together with the cucumber, ginger and gin it’s a heavenly combination. The lovely people of @collagin sent me a sample of their gin with added collagen (genius idea 😂) so naturally I put it to good use! Enjoy the sunshine ☀️

Makes 2


1 inch of Freshly Grated Ginger

4 Springs of Mint

½ Cucumber, diced and peeled

½ Cup of Passionfruit Juice

¼ Cup of Gin - I used @collagin

1-2 teaspoons sugar syrup (optional)

1 Passionfruit, halved for decoration


Using a vegetable peeler, make four strips of the cucumber. Dice the rest of the Cucumber and add it either to a bullet or into a bowl.

Throw in the Mint and grated Ginger. Then either blitz or bash with a pestle or the back of a spoon.

Now add the Passionfruit Juice and Gin. Stir throughly and then strain into a jug.

Pour into a glass with ice and top with a halved Passionfruit and the Cucumber peelings.

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