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I feel it’s time for another introduction as I’ve had a lot of new followers recently. 🙏 My name is Mandy, wife to Tris, mum to Toby & Charlie and owner of Hamish the Springer SpanieI! I am a self taught home cook and I create and prepare achievable meals for real people. Each week I hope to share a vegetarian meal, a midweek budget meal, a family friendly pleaser, a minimum washing up meal, something spicy on a Friday and the odd treat here and there. I focus on nourishment from within and have no interest in omitting food groups or jumping on the bandwagon of the latest in-vogue diet. I cook for pleasure and health and I am an advocate of promoting wellness through the varied meals I create. My focus is on food for the family and recipes that aren’t overly complicated, but are always full of flavour. I absolutely love sharing my recipes and I enjoy the feedback I receive. I like to feel I help others who lack imagination in the kitchen or are open to trying something new. I cannot explain the pride and joy I feel when people try my recipes and they not only work, but become regular features on their weekly menu. Keep following for more exciting recipes 😊🙏⠀


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