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Bacon & Cheese Filo Tart

Here is a lovely lunch time treat which is good hot or cold, perfect if busy house holds are needing to eat lunch at different times. Filo pastry is a healthier option than puff or short crust pastry and I actually really love its crunchy texture. This tart is also delicious made with a drained tin of tuna or extra vegetables such as Tenderstem, or asparagus (when in season) for a vegetarian option.

Serves 4-6


28in flan fish

1 medium onion - finely chopped

200g bacon lardons or chopped bacon

4 eggs

300ml milk

2 tablespoons chopped herbs - I used coriander

75g grated cheese - I used jarlsberg - cheddar or Parmesan would both work

4 sheets filo pastry

2 teaspoons butter - melted


Preheat the oven to 180 degrees (conventional) 160 degrees (fan)

Sauté the onion until soft then add the bacon cook until golden.

Mix together the eggs and milk and season with pepper.

Grease the flan dish with butter and preheat a baking sheet. Add layers of the filo, brushing each layer with butter. Add the onions, bacon, cheese, herbs and pour in the egg/milk mixture. Carefully stir to evenly distribute the filling. Scrunch the filo pastry and brush with butter. Place on the hot oven tray (this helps cook the bottom) and into the oven for 25-35 minutes of until golden and set. Leave to cool before removing from the flan dish.

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