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Tomahawk Steaks

Happy Fathers Day to all you lovely Dads out there!

I’ve bought 2 of these tomahawk steaks which Toby and Charlie are in charge of cooking on the BBQ today. Let’s hope the weather improves, if not they’ll be cooking under an umbrella in true British style! Fortunately they’ve had plenty of practice on the BBQ during lockdown so I think they’ll be just fine. We will keep them really simple and marinate the steaks in olive oil, bruised garlic, woody herbs from the garden and plenty of seasoning. It’s tricky to give exact timing on these as they vary tremendously and every BBQ cooks differently. What I will say is find the hottest part of your bbq and I tend to go on how it feels. To squidgy and it’s blue or raw, to firm and it’s well done. Something in the middle is what you want for a rare - medium rare steak. Resting the meat is essential. I allow 15 minutes somewhere warm. Serve with a simple salad, with Parmesan shavings, with a lemon dressing and a lovely Jersey Royal salad.


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