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Every year I make one of these nostalgic beauties and let me tell you everyone loves it! The best thing about it is it’s a complete cheat. You can use any Swiss roll you like, but do buy the fresh custard as it’s so much better. Ready in 15 minutes and totally faff free, what’s not to love?


Serves 6-8

2 Swiss rolls - chocolate or vanilla

2-3 tablespoons sherry

2 -3 tablespoons raspberry jam

170g raspberries

500g Fresh custard

500ml double cream - whipped

Hundreds & Thousands / sprinkles


Slice the Swiss roll and arrange around the sides and on the bottom of the glass bowl. Drizzle with the sherry. Add the jam and spread over the Swiss roll. Spoon in the custard and top with the whipped cream. Finishing with sprinkles.

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Im going to make this nearer Christmas time, it looks great! Do u serve it straight away or is it best left for a wee while to soak together?

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