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Chinese Crispy Duck Wraps


With Chinese New Year just beginning I thought I’d share this tasty family crowd pleaser. You can use wraps, shop bought Chinese pancakes, or lettuce leaves to wrap the aromatic duck. Children love getting there fingers sticky with this one and enjoy choosing how they load their pancakes up.


Serves 4





4-6 duck legs

2 tablespoons Chinese 5 spice powder

Chinese pancakes or wraps

3/4 cucumber - cut into matchsticks

4 spring onions - cut into matchsticks

Iceberg lettuce dismantled

Hoisin sauce



Rub the duck legs in the 5 spice and season. Roast at 200 degrees for 20 minutes then reduced the heat to 160 degrees for a further 40 minutes or until tender.


Arrange on a board or platter and let everyone help themselves.


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