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Jackfruit Rice Paper Rolls

Inspired after an event I attended in London last week, here are some incredibly moorish vegan rice paper rolls. My friend and @masterchef semi finalist Nisha from @nishascookingagain told me that I had to try Jackfruit. Knowing what a superb palate she has and me being keen to try new things I started to think how I could use this trendy ingredient. Jackfruit (for anyone that hasn’t tried it) is being talked about as the vegan alternative to meat. Naturally low in calories, and virtually fat free, but weirdly it has a meaty kind of texture. I used the tinned variety which can be bought in some supermarkets and online.


25g rice vermicelli noodles - cooked⠀

16 x 22cm rice papers⠀

1 tin jackfruit, drained and sliced

5 radishes - sliced

1 red pepper - sliced

fresh mint leaves⠀

Small bunch of fresh coriander sprigs, leaves picked⠀

1 chilli sliced

1 papaya - finely sliced

¼ cucumber, deseeded and cut into short, fine matchsticks⠀

2 spring onions - sliced into matchsticks

Optional edible flowers

Dipping sauce ⠀(mix together in a bowl)

2 tablespoons soy sauce

garlic clove, very finely chopped⠀

1-2 long thin red chillies, deseeded and finely chopped⠀

Squeeze of honey ⠀

tbsp Thai fish sauce⠀

2 tbsp freshly squeezed lime juice⠀

1 tbsp rice vinegar⠀


Make sure all your ingredients prepared and to hand, with a large shallow dish of warm water and a clean, wet tea towel. Submerge a paper in the water for 1 minute ( 30 seconds for extra-thin papers) to soften. Remove and lay on the towel. Arrange the jackfruit down the centre with some herbs, noodles, vegetables and papaya. Don’t put too much on, or it will be too fat to roll.⠀

Fold the edge of the paper closest to you over the filling, fold in the sides, then roll up tightly to make a neat parcel. Set aside on a serving plate and repeat with the remaining papers. Cover with a damp tea towel while you make the dipping sauce.⠀

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